What are the details of your devotion?

A few thoughts on Mary Oliver and Sylvia Ashton-Warner. “And you too can be carved anew by the details of your devotion” (Mary Oliver, 2004, p. 88). 

Rest in peace, Mary Oliver. You were the first poet whose poetry I remembered by heart. The aforementioned quote is from her poetry book Long Life. Also, over the past two months, I have been reading Sylvia Aston-Warner’s autobiography, Myself. I was first interested in her education philosophy, but then became more interesting in her writing style. I’m writing these quotes down for I think I’ll return to them often. 

An Autumn Morning in New York

I had an unhappy week and I told myself, “something must change”. That night, I slept earlier, set my alarm clock to 7AM, only to realize that I slept through it the next day. I had wanted to film the sunrise. I quickly changed my clothes, grabbed the tripod and camera, and ran out the door. Here’s what came out of that morning. By the time I finished getting the footages, I looked at my phone and realized that it was Daylight Savings time. Everything worked out wonderfully: I didn’t get the sunrise, but I got up early enough to see what the early birds were up to (…)

Hello Autumn.

My favorite season is here. Why do I like Fall? A running list: copper orange, terracotta orange, pumpkin flavored everything: tea, pie, cinnamon sticks, stepping on crunchy leaves, crisp morning air, late afternoon sun, longer hugs, longer shadows, boots, trench coats, turtle necks, warm cider, …