The Sea

If I close my eyes and really pretend, there’s the sea at land’s end. No it’s not: the sounds of cars going by but the sounds of tides hitting rocks: my lullaby. If the Laws of Attraction* still holds true, then my body will reach only the blue. I’m not as close by, the tides have not reached my toes. I’ll be near, grey dove. Soon, I’ll be here.   *The ability to attract whatever we are focusing on into our lives

The Ducks Are the Same

One of the questionnaires asked, if I could only have 6 things in life, what would they be? Immediately, the first thing I wrote was I’d have to be within walking distance to the sea or any elements of water for that matter. River, lake, the beach. In November, I took a walk by Central Park, it was almost dark, but I saw two ducks that reminded me of the two ducks back in my neighborhood. It’s an incongruent scene, but they are at home. The lake is nearby. Where I’m from, the sunsets go from orange to a hazy…

My Visual Map of a History of Art Education

This semester, one of my greatest challenges was to learn how to synthesize all of the readings and lectures in my history of art education class in one cohesive map. I had originally done a map on paper but was dissatisfied by the limitations of the size and constraint in holding info. I’ve also realized that when I was looking up information on art education, there would be at least ten tabs open on my browser. I knew there was a way to make the experience in learning, retaining information a lot more efficiently and in a more enjoyable way,  and so I thought about creating an interactive map.