I Finally Took a Ceramics Class!

It’s been a life goal and I’ve achieved it! Read about my creative process, the inspiration, and techniques. After taking a ceramics class, I don’t intend on buying any kitchenware in the future. Oh the joy of drinking out of a mug that one has made for herself!


Teaching as/of Poetry

Last semester, I wrote a research paper titled, “Female Adolescents’ Perceptions of Themes Related to Identity Depicted in Artworks from Fantasy Fiction Novels”.  One of the novels was Princess and Curdie (1966), written by George Macdonald. I’m currently organizing my first year notes and journals and came across two passages that I’ve hand-written down, verbatim: “The night came close and around them, clasping them in one universal arm of love, and although it neither spoke nor smiled, seemed all eye and ear, seemed to see and hear and know everything said and did” (p. 52). “They were the happiest couple…

The Sea

If I close my eyes and really pretend, there’s the sea at land’s end. No it’s not: the sounds of cars going by but the sounds of tides hitting rocks: my lullaby. If the Laws of Attraction* still holds true, then my body will reach only the blue. I’m not as close by, the tides have not reached my toes. I’ll be near, grey dove. Soon, I’ll be here.   *The ability to attract whatever we are focusing on into our lives

The Ducks Are the Same

One of the questionnaires asked, if I could only have 6 things in life, what would they be? Immediately, the first thing I wrote was I’d have to be within walking distance to the sea or any elements of water for that matter. River, lake, the beach. In November, I took a walk by Central Park, it was almost dark, but I saw two ducks that reminded me of the two ducks back in my neighborhood. It’s an incongruent scene, but they are at home. The lake is nearby. Where I’m from, the sunsets go from orange to a hazy…