At which point does the external and internal world separate?

What are the natural concepts of the world formed by children at the different stages of their development*?
What is the schema/scheme of reality which prompts this thought (of the child’s)? In other words, what is the child’s reality? 
When does the distinction of external and internal world start? 
What prompts the shift? 

An Autumn Morning in New York

I had an unhappy week and I told myself, “something must change”. That night, I slept earlier, set my alarm clock to 7AM, only to realize that I slept through it the next day. I had wanted to film the sunrise. I quickly changed my clothes, grabbed the tripod and camera, and ran out the door. Here’s what came out of that morning. By the time I finished getting the footages, I looked at my phone and realized that it was Daylight Savings time. Everything worked out wonderfully: I didn’t get the sunrise, but I got up early enough to see what the early birds were up to (…)

My Visual Map of a History of Art Education

This semester, one of my greatest challenges was to learn how to synthesize all of the readings and lectures in my history of art education class in one cohesive map. I had originally done a map on paper but was dissatisfied by the limitations of the size and constraint in holding info. I’ve also realized that when I was looking up information on art education, there would be at least ten tabs open on my browser. I knew there was a way to make the experience in learning, retaining information a lot more efficiently and in a more enjoyable way,  and so I thought about creating an interactive map.