Keep Going

I was going to attempt typing up this “year in reflection” sort of thing for 2018, but it felt unnatural to list everything I did. I started typing it and grew bored soon after. Instead, I’ll just post some photos that I finally got developed and scanned. I’m really digging the B&W Ilford and it’s nice that I’ve found a local photo lab that can do a high quality job.

Below are some behind-the-scene photos of me in the Ceramics Studio. I was fortunate enough to live really close to the studio and ended up staying there past midnight a few times a week to practice using the wheel. It was tough (and I still have a long ways to go before I can say that I’ve mastered using the wheel) but oh, I loved everything about ceramics. You can see some of my pieces here.


Oh, and the names of the glazes in the studio:
yvettes blue, karnes white, shino 22
tenmoku, new oribe,

I love how they sound when I say them out loud.

Tearing and gnawing, Everything always larger and more
Elusive, with the weight of the future saying
That I am only what you are, but more so.
And you, without allowing yourself time
(Dark Harbor, VI, Mark Strand)

(Patience is everything. Keep going.)


This year, I joined a ukulele circle! It all started one day during one of my walks. I took a chance and went inside a Buddhist Church on the Upper West side and the musicians welcomed me with open arms. We got to perform in Central Park during the summer.

(So continue to be open. Take a chance. Keep going.)

Photo taken at the Noguchi Museum in Queens, NY. It’s one of my favorite museums in NY and I’m glad to be finally see his akari light sculptures in person. I first heard of him when I stayed in Takayama, which is in Gifu and the region is known for its production of paper lanterns.


Ah, who knows! We are already traveling faster than our
Apparent stillness can stand, and if it keeps up
You will be light-years away by the time I speak.
(Dark Harbor, XLI, Mark Strand)


Cheers to the new year. May it be full of love, light, and everything in between.

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