The Ducks Are the Same

One of the questionnaires asked,
if I could only have 6 things in life,
what would they be?
Immediately, the first thing I wrote was
I’d have to be within walking distance to the sea
or any elements of water for that matter.
River, lake,
the beach.

In November, I took a walk by Central Park,
it was almost dark, but I saw two ducks
that reminded me of the two ducks
back in my neighborhood.
It’s an incongruent scene,
but they are at home.
The lake is nearby.

Where I’m from,
the sunsets go from orange to a hazy purple,
the beach becomes pthalo blue.
I can hear the birds sing,
and occasionally butterflies flit in front
of the backyard’s glass door.

Soft wind chimes ringing,
against the gentle breeze.
Clarity in the mind,
I look up.
Of course,
clear blue sky.

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