Dramatic Themes, Humor, and Production techniques of Miffy & Friends

The structure of the show is quite short – only 7 minutes per episode. It starts with a prosocial theme. In this episode, it’s about teamwork. There is a quick establishing shot of the environment (the beach), and we are introduced to the 3 characters: Miffy, Melanie, and Miffy’s mom. Early on, we hear the the male narrator’s voice, which is an interesting use of breaking the fourth wall.

Should there be rules and parameters of how children should consume technology?

After reading the Common Sense Consensus 2017 report, the three most important points to take away for me was that 1) children view and engage in media at a young age and for a significant amount of time in their day to day lives 2) television is still the most watched form of media, but how children watch television is now drastically different than 2 years ago and 3) parents with lower income and less education background are least aware of AAP recommendations for their child’s media use.