Making Coins and Paint Sing!

Makey Makey is an awesome kit that allows you to connect every day objects (from apples to coins) to a computer program. Each kit comes with a circuit board that connects the computer via USB to alligator clips, which links to the objects. Here, we used coins! I held the ground cable; Tara linked arms with me and Mary linked arms with her so we could be a “closed” network of circuit. Electricity traveled through us to Makey Makey board!

See Scratch code for the Coins version: Paint version:

We also experimented with electric paint.

It was a lot of fun to combine Scratch with Makey Makey to create a project that used software and hardware tools to interact with real world objects. I was able to understand (at a very basic level) how circuitry worked — we had a cool demo in class in which Zhen Zhen asked us to link hands with each other to demonstrate closed vs. open electric signal network. I also enjoyed seeing what kind of objects were conductive with Makey Makey! Anything with metal worked as well as objects with some sort of wetness.

makey makey team

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