First Scratch Game Designed

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Link to play the game: //

Scratch is a procedural designed game. The procedure is that you are give a program a series of commands, you run it, and it executes it for you. The series of commands varies across different programs available, but the concept is pretty much the same: you, the creator, now can demand a program to execute your idea in any variation you want, with as many iterations and options. Once established, you can even take a step back and let the program create for you (i.e., installing a procedurally designed animation where the characters are moving in real time according the coding.) Is it possible to design a project where no moment gets repeated?

When I think of game design, I think of creativity and logic combined. I have been exposed to coding before when I was volunteering at the Children’s Creativity Museum in SF. Kids 5 and under were able to use Blockly, a Ipad coding program, to control robot’s movements. Blockly was very similar to Scratch in terms of user interface (maybe it is based after Scratch?).

We did some straight forward practice exercises in class and was assigned our first hw – to design a game with two characters. I decided play with some old photos from home and recreated a typical evening by the beach, in which I would occasionally see ground squirrels scurry by. The background photos are mine, and I photoshopped squirrels and the cherry tomoato from the web. The squirrel’s motions can be a little fussy … bear with it. The goal – get as many cherries as you can!

Game updated as of 10/4/17.

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